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Year 5

What a fantastic start to our new topic 'Alchemy Island'.  The children were greeted by the Chief Alchemist, who was there to discover if they had the potential to become apprentice alchemists.  To prove their worth the children had to work out clues to a riddle in order to explain where the latest portal would appear on Alchemy Island.  The Alchemist was incredibly impressed and the children have now become apprentice alchemists.  The Chief Alchemist will be returning throughout the next few weeks to check on their progress.

















Ironbridge Residential


What a fantastic 4 days we have had in Ironbridge.  The weather did not dampen our spirits and everyone had a fantastic time.  As a staff we are incredibly proud of our year 5 children as they represented the school brilliantly,  with many members of the public commenting on how well behaved, polite and friendly the children were. Well done year 5!  Keep an eye out for the photographs that will follow shortly. 

Summer Craft Afternoon

Well what a fun packed, messy afternoon we all had!  The children became the teachers this afternoon, passing on the skills and techniques to their parents, that they were taught during our mask workshop at Ironbridge.  It was great fun to see everyone joining in and we would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to all the parents for coming. 

Queen's 90th Birthday Celebrations.


Everyone came to school today dressed in red, white and blue.  Throughout the morning, we were all involved in different creative activities in our classes. We all made our own class bunting, which looked very patriotic decorating our playground! We also watched the live broadcast of the service at St Pauls Cathedral and when the Queen arrived the children  (without and prompting) waved their flags and sang 'God save the Queen', Mrs Obrien and I were both extremely proud of them.

We then came together as a school for our own 'picnic party'. It was very warm and humid, but that didn't stop us singing along to the music and some even treated us to a karaoke! In the afternoon we played pass the parcel, continued with our morning activities and came together as a year group to eat our decorated biscuits and watch a live broadcast from Windsor Castle.  It was a really lovely happy atmosphere and we all had a great time.

Queen's 90th Birthday Celebration

Newark College Rounders Event.


A group of Year 5 and 6 pupils were selected to represent John Hunt at Kelham Hall (8/6/16.) It was a very hot and sunny day.

Isabella, Rocco, Sophie, Harvey, Katie and Liam and  were chosen from Year 5.

They competed against William Gladstone, Flintham and Sutton , but were finally knocked out of the competition by Coddington.


Mrs O' Brien and Mrs Roberts accompanied the children and were extremely proud of how well the team played. Their behaviour was excellent and they all demonstrated great sportsmanship. They were a real credit to John Hunt Primary.


Thank you to Mrs O' Brien and Mrs Roberts for accompanying the children for the day - bet you enjoyed the sunshine too! 😎

Newark Rounders


As part of our science topic this half term (living things and their habitats) we have been investigating mammals, birds, amphibians and  insects.  This week we have been investigating a range of amphibians and have been pond dipping in the school pond.  We were unsure if our pond would contain any amphibians and much to the children's delight we found 3 newts and 2 frogs. 

Stick Insects visit Lapis Lazuli


As part of our science topic this half term (living things and their habitats) we have been investigating mammals, birds, amphibians and  insects.  It was during the research on insects that Deacon mentioned that he and his brother owned Stick insects.  Deacon very kindly asked his mum if he could bring them into school and she agreed.  Deacon explained to the class how he looks after the insects and answered the children's questions.  The children then had the opportunity to examine the insects through their tank.  Thank you Deacon for bringing our topic alive.

Stick insects visit Lapis Lazuli

Computing - creating algorithms using paper cups

Race for Life at Newark Academy


On Thursday 4th May the year 5 girls were invited to Newark Academy to take part in the Race for Life event.  The girls arrived at school on the Thursday morning, wearing as much pink as possible, ready and raring to go!  When we arrived at Newark academy we were met by Mrs Chapman and Mrs Howes, which was a lovely surprise for the girls.  We eventually found our way into the sports hall, where we were surrounded by many other adults and children, that were getting ready to take part in the event.  First we had to warm up, the music started and we all joined in the zumba  activity.  It was hilarious and exhausting!  Once our warm up finished, we followed the other children out onto the field where the route was clearly outlined with pink ribbon.  The time had finally arrived and we set off.  Some of the children ran the course, others jogged and some walked (just like Mrs O'Brien and Mrs Evans).   Once the children finished the race they received their medals and were invited back into the sports hall for juice and cake.  We then proceeded to have a slow walk back to school ready for lunchtime.  Altogether the 22 children and 2 staff members completed 109km and are in the process of collecting in the sponsor money.  Watch this space for an update on how much money we have managed to raise.  Well done girls Mrs O'Brien and I are extremely proud of each and every one of you. smiley

Race for Life



When the children hand in their homework on time, they receive raffle tickets to go into the end of half term prize draw.  The children in my class and maths group have thoroughly engaged with the raffle and their homework has been amazing this half term. On Friday 1st April we pulled out one raffle ticket from the box and the lucky winner for this half term was Tobin in Topaz class.  The new raffle will start after the holiday and I look forward to seeing the 'theme park' homework.

Reading Challenge - Lapis Lazuli

Autumn 1

Each half term the children are participating in a reading challenge, which requires them to read to an adult, for a minimum of 3 times each week.  If the children read 3 times they receive 1 raffle ticket, if they read 4 times they receive 2 raffle tickets and if they read 5 or more times in a week, then they receive 3 raffle tickets.  The children then write their names onto the raffle tickets and place them into the 'Reading Challenge Bag'.  At the end of each half term a child's name is pulled out of the bag and that child receives a £5 WH Smiths voucher.  The lucky winner for this half term was Emily.  Congratulations Emily I look forward to seeing what book you buy with your voucher.  Good luck everyone for the next half terms challenge, I wonder who will be the winner at Christmas?


Autumn 2

The children have continued with the reading challenge in the second part of the Autumn term.  There were lots of raffle tickets in the bag ready for the end of term draw.  All the children were excited to see if their name would be pulled out of the draw.  It was decided by the children that Emily, who won last time, would receive the honour of pulling out the raffle ticket.  The tickets were given a good shake by Emily, she closed her eyes, then she dived into the bag to pull out the lucky ticket.  The class were extremely quiet at this point as Emily read the name on the ticket.  Who would it be this time?  As Emily unfolded the ticket the name she pulled out was her own!  The children thought it was hilarious, congratulations Emily, I wonder who will be the winner for the Spring term?


Spring 1

The children are thoroughly enjoying the reading challenge and it has been a huge success.  There were an amazing amount of raffle tickets in the bag this half term.  Yet again the children were excited to see who would win the draw for this half term.  Mrs O'Brien was given the wonderful opportunity  of drawing out the winning raffle ticket.  Would the winner be Emily again?  Mrs O'Brien gave the tickets a good shake and pulled out the winning ticket.  As the ticket was unfolded the name became visible and our winner for this half term was Sophie.  Congratulations Sophie, I look forward to seeing which book you will buy with your voucher. 


Spring 2

The children are still working really hard on their reading and they are gathering many raffle tickets each week.  It is lovely each week, when the reading diaries are collected in, to see so many family members reading with the children.  Well it was that time again on Friday 1st April, to draw a winning raffle from the reading challenge bag.  The lucky winner this half term was Toby, congratulations Toby I look forward to seeing what you buy with the £5 WH Smith voucher.



Reading Challenge- Topaz


Lucky  Jack Johnson has won the first half term's reading challenge in our class.

He has received a gift card to spend on books. I wonder which one he will buy?

If you want to be in with a chance of winning next half term's prize, get reading!

Every read to an adult, entitles you  to an entry in the next prize draw.

Thus the more reads the greater chance of winning! Let's get reading!


Eleanor Warwick has won the second half term's reading challenge. Well done Eleanor!

I can't wait to find out what book she buys.

Remember everyone has a chance of winning, the more reads the greater the chance.

It doesn't have to be books, you could read magazines, information, instructions, recipes,

as long as an adult signs in your reading diary.

Let's get reading

Year 5 Curriculum Overview

Parents' Monthly Reading


We would like to remind you all that our next Parents' Monthly Reading afternoon will be on Tuesday 12th July.  We would love to see as many of you there as possible, please let your child's teacher know if you will be attending.  The other dates for these reading sessions are as follows: Tuesday 12th July. 


Thank you to all the parents and family members that came to read in class on Tuesday 7th June. It was lovely to see all the children enjoying a book. We look forward to seeing you all again on Tuesday 12th July at 2.45 for our final session.




We would just like to say a huge thank you to all the adults that came to the craft afternoon.  It was lovely to see the adults and children having so much fun creating the crafts.  The staff were also having so much fun that we forgot to take any photos!!

Sport Relief 2016


What a great morning we had raising money for Sport Relief.


We were joined by a minion who helped us warm up on the playground first! Then off we went - 3 laps of a circuit, which included all the way round the field and both playgrounds!


Some walked it, some ran it and some were accompanied by their parents. It was great to see the older children holding hands with the younger children and encouraging them all the way!


We all had a brilliant time and managed to raise £542 for charity in the process.

Sports Relief 2016 - Photos

Southwell Minster - Time Travelling

On Friday 11th March we had an exciting trip to Southwell Minster to participate in their Time Travelling event.  The children were placed into 4 groups and met their guides outside the Minster,  who then escorted the children inside, to start their time travelling experience.  Once inside the magnificent Minster we sang and joined in prayers before the activities began.  We then, with assistance from our guide, travelled around the Minster taking part in the many varied activities.  Within the activities we learnt about: bracelet making, fair trade  chocolate, communion, stained glass windows, singing in the choir,  the organ and much more .  At the end of the day all the schools came together for final songs and prayers, at which point Lily, Harvey and Mrs O'Brien went to the front of the service to collect the candle.  It was a fantastic but exhausting day and all the children and adults had a wonderful time.  At this point we would like to say a huge thank you to the amazing adults that came and supported us throughout the day. 




Southwell Minster - Time Travelling

Viola Lessons - Lapis Lazuli

Swimming and PE

We would just like to remind parents that swimming for this school year has unfortunately come to an end.  The children have thoroughly enjoyed their swimming lessons and achieved many skills since September.  The class teachers will be discussing these achievements with the children, so please make sure they tell you what they have achieved. At this point we would also like to say a huge thank you, to all the adults that have given up their valuable time, to assist with swimming every week.  We really couldn't have gone swimming without your support, so on behalf of the staff and children, thank you again.


Now that the swimming sessions have finished the children will  have two PE sessions in school.  Our  PE days will be on a Wednesday and Thursday afternoon and we would appreciate your support in ensuring that the PE kits are in school on a Monday.  This will ensure that all the children have their PE kits available just incase we need to change the PE sessions or we fit an extra session in during the week.  This term the children will be participating in gymnastics and dance so inside PE kits are essential.  Thank you.

March Parent Reading Afternoon

February - Parent Reading Afternoon - Lapis Lazuli

January - Parent Reading Afternoon - Lapis Lazuli

November - Parent Reading Afternoon - Lapis Lazuli

October - Parent Reading Afternoon - Lapis Lazuli

Table Decorations


What a busy morning we have had! The children arrived at school with their containers and foliage ready to get started.  We wanted to make the table decorations in preparation for our performance on Wednesday 9th December (don't forget to book your seats) to add to the atmosphere of the event. The children spent all morning working on the decorations and what a beautiful smell emerged form the classrooms through the foliage.  All the children created a beautiful table decoration by the end of the morning, and we would like to say a huge thank you to our wonderful grandparents Lyn, Sue and Pearl, we really couldn't have created them without all your help.  The decorations are currently in the library area and we have had lots of fantastic comments about them.  Please feel free to pop in and have a look.  Well done year 5 what a creative bunch.

National Space Centre


On Tuesday 10th November the year 5 children visited the National Space Centre to support their topic work on Earth and Space.  Once we arrived at the Space Centre we separated into our groups and started to explore the many areas within the Space Centre.  One of the highlights for the children was within the Planetarium where they watched am amazing show called 'Astronaut,' which provided many interesting facts about the effects of space on the human body.  After the show we had the opportunity to visit more exhibits and the shop before returning to school.  It was a fun packed but exhausting day but everyone had a fantastic time and many of the questions the children wanted answering about their new topic had been answered.  The children and staff would also like to take this opportunity once again to thank the fantastic helpers that came with us on the trip.

Maths Workshop


On Thursday 5th November two of our children, Pippa and Anya, had the wonderful opportunity to go to Winthorpe School to participate in a maths workshop.   The children worked alongside other children to develop their maths skills and participated in many different activities.  The children had a fantastic day and returned to school full of enthusiasm about the maths activities and their fun day.  Well done Pippa and Anya we are all incredibly proud of you.

A very special visitor


On Friday 2nd October we had a very special visitor, Caitlin's nan, come and talk to the children.  Caitlin's nan originally came into school to see how much the building had changed since she was a child, but kindly agreed to share her experiences with the children.  Whilst with the children she shared her school life and experiences, which gave the children a real insight into how the building and education has changed over the years.  The children and staff thoroughly enjoyed the visit and we would like to say a huge thank you to Caitlin's nan for giving up her time to talk to us. 

Writing Workshop


On Thursday 1st October two of our children, Isabella and Sophie, had the wonderful opportunity to go to Winthorpe School to participate in a writing workshop.   The children worked alongside other children and Colin Parsons, to develop their writing skills, to produce a fantasy story.  The children had a fantastic day and returned to school full of enthusiasm and their stories, which were amazing to read!  Whilst at Winthorpe the Newark Advertiser arrived so hopefully the children's day will be in the Advertisers next edition.  Well done Sophie and Isabella we are all incredibly proud of you.

Election - Lapis Lazuli

School Council election results for Lapis Lazuli


After the visit from the MP Robert Jenrick the children were all excited to participate in our own School Council election.  9 children decided to run for school councillor and they prepared their manifestos at home.  Then on Tuesday 8th September the children had the opputunity to present their manifestos to their class and on Thursday 10th September the children visited the school polling station to cast their vote.  It was incredibly exciting and all the children couldn't wait for the results to be collected, counted and delivered during the whole school assembly on Friday 11th September.  It was an incredibly close election with only one vote seperating our class councillor from the class deputy, but it was finally revealled that Tabitha was voted  as our class councillor with Pippa the class deputy.  

School Council election results for Topaz.


Eight children stood for election in Topaz Class. They each prepared a manifesto to present to the class.

After the visit from our local MP Robert Jenrick, where he explained about hustings, Topaz decided to hold their own hustings.

Here are some of the questions asked:

Would you have the confidence to present an assembly to the  whole school?

If the  class  voted on something and you disagreed would you follow your head and represent the class or you heart to get what you wanted?

What would you do to improve our school?

How much time would you be prepared to give up to take on this  role?

Isabella was elected for Topaz, with Bailey and  Ria having equal votes to become deputies.

The Queen as the longest reigning monarch


As a school every child has been given the oppurtunity to plant a bulb, at the front of the school, to mark the momentous occasion of the Queen overtaking Queen Victorias reign of 63 years and 216 days.  On Friday 4th September it was our turn to plant the bulbs, however we were not alone.  We had the wonderful oppurtunity to meet and plant bulbs with the MP Robert Jenrick.  As part of this occasion we were also lucky enough to have the Newark Advertiser arrive to photograph the event and three of the children, Ashton, Harvey and Bailey had their photograph taken whilst planting the bulbs (you can see their picture in the September 10th edition).  After we had planted all the bulbs we then had the oppurtunity to ask  Mr Jenrick questions about life as an MP.  The children were particulary keen to ask questions about his election campaign, so that they could use the advice when writing their own manifestos, for the upcoming School Council positions.  It was a fantastic morning for all concerned and a great start to the Autumn term.