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Year 6 Bumblebees 🐝

Week 4


Week 3


Hi Bumblebees!

Already week 3! It was great being able receive so many emails  last week seeing all the fantastic work you are doing, but I'm really missing seeing you all in person. Last week ended with snow, and I hope you all managed to get outside and enjoy it! I must say, I stayed inside wrapped up warm . It has been lovely seeing more of you interact with Teams, it has been a great way to know you are working and an easy way to ask me for any help you need smiley. I absolutely loved being able to see some of you on a Teams video catch up on Friday, I'm hoping to do the same again this week and hopefully more of you can join us! Please let me know if you are having trouble logging in and I will try to get it sorted.

Remember to send us your work EVERY DAY, that way it can be marked and you can make corrections just like in school. Please try not to send us lots of days work on 1 email as it is harder to give you feedback for all of that in 1 go. I know some of you have my email, but please send any work to 

Keep up the hard work Bumblebees, you are all doing a fantastic job, and remember I am here if you need me! If you are having a day that you're finding difficult we could even do a spontaneous Teams call to cheer you up! smiley 

Miss Tagliati 



Week 2


Hi Bumblebees! 

I am so proud of you all! You have already impressed me so much with the resilience you are showing during such a tough time, keep it up! I was in school last week with some of you, but I definitely missed seeing all your lovely smiles! 

It is so important that you keep going, don't forget we need to see the work you complete daily so we can mark it and give you feedback. Most of you should now be set up with Teams, Miss Louden has been emailing you all your logins. Try to get logged in this week if you haven't already done so. Just a reminder that the SPAG test is due in on Wednesday 13th January. Well done to those of you who have also done Prodigy, keep it up. 

I am looking forward to seeing what you get up to this week!  

Remember, I am only ever an email (or a Teams message) away.

Keep smiling and stay safe, 

Miss Tagliati :) 

Week 1

Hi Year 6,


Gosh we are absolutely heartbroken after hearing the announcement on Monday night, we were so looking forward to this term with you all. Let’s hope it is only until after half term as we will all miss you too much otherwise!


Similarly to last year, your work will be uploaded onto here every week, we will give you an overview of what we expect from you each day. You all also still have your prodigy log ins so please make use of these. We will be setting a test on for you to complete, please have this completed by Wednesday 13th January, we will be emailing you and ringing if you have not done it. It is incredibly important that you keep trying with your home learning, we know it is difficult but you must keep persevering! You are all resilient so we know you can do this, we are only ever on the end of an email if you need us.

Please email us at: