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Year 6 Kingfishers🕊

Easter Activities

Whilst you are taking a break from the 'normal' work we have set, we thought we'd give you some ideas about different creative tasks that you might want to have a go at.

As it is Easter, why not decorate an egg? Be as creative as you like, take a picture of it and then email it to the Year 6 address. We'll add these to our normal class pages.

If the weather stays fine, try creating as picture using nature (twigs, grasses, flower petals etc.). Again, take a pic of these and email them in to share.

You could, if you have the supplies already in, create something yummy and share it via a pic too.

Keep yourselves self and well,

Year 6 Team.

Weekly update 

Hope you are all doing ok and working hard (ha,ha). White Rose have released their week 2 Maths for you to have a go at.

Remember, you do not need to print the activities off, you can simply do any working out and answers on a piece of paper.

I have also added some more activities on

Hope you are getting some fresh air in your gardens too.

Keep an eye out for updates at the end of the week.

Take care everyone,

Year 6 Team

Hi Year 6,


We are sure that you have more than enough written work to be completing in your booklets for the rest of this week and next week too.

However, here is a link for you to access some online Maths work as an extra. You may want to do some of this online work instead of the booklets we provided you with and that is fine. Just make a note of the online resources you have accessed and completed.

There are videos to watch to help you understand the new concept and activities to complete afterwards (you can print these out of you wish or you could simply leave them on your screen and complete them on any piece of paper - don't copy the question out). 

Currently, there are 5 lessons on Ratio - each with video and activity. You could do these all in one go if you wish but perhaps doing 1 or 2 each day would be sufficient.

There should be new topics added each week on the same website so keep checking - I'll also add on here when I see them.

The site is White Rose Maths (which is the scheme of learning we follow at school so the resources will look familiar).

Go to the Home Learning section and choose Y6.


Keep safe and well.

Hi all,

Have a look on our year group class pages for other information regarding your home learning and our Year 6 email address for any enquiries you may have.

Third Space Learning 


If your child usually does Third Space on a Tuesday afternoon at 1pm, they are kindly still continuing these sessions for the next two weeks. Miss Devlin has sent your child home with a set of headphones and their passwords. Please make sure that your child continues with these because they are extremely valuable for your child.

The link to the website is: 


Your child needs to do their session on Google Chrome.

Below is a list of websites that may come in handy over the next few weeks.



Twinkl have a wide variety of free learning resources. They have also very kindly offered access to all of their resources with a 'One Month Ultimate Membership'. All you need to do is go to: and enter the code: UKTWINKLHELPS


Classroom Secrets have also uploaded free learning packs.


In Maths, your children have been doing 'Problem of the day'. The link for these is below, they upload a new one every day, it'd be great for the children to continue with these as much as possible.


Furthermore, below is a link for White Rose, they will be posting activities to complete, as well as at-home help videos to support Maths at home.


Topmarks - this website has a variety of games both for Maths & English that the children may enjoy.


Maths 4 Kids - This channel on YouTube, upload videos to help with learning, these may come in handy.



Daily reading – you must make sure you continue to read daily. This is a great opportunity to read some good books!

Suggested tasks:

  • Summarise events from the chapter that your child has read, they could bullet point what happened, create a comic strip or present the information in their own creative way.
  • Vocabulary – encourage your children to note down any unfamiliar words, explore the meanings of these words by using a dictionary or reading around the sentence.
  • Predict what happens next
  • Write a book review, to share when we come back to school.


CGP books – if you ordered these, then please use these, they have lots of tips and activities to do.

If you don’t have the CGP books, the link below is for past SAT papers, download these and have a go at either the whole thing or just a few questions to keep your brain going! If you can’t print the papers, it isn’t the end of the world as you can just write the answers down.




Suggested tasks:

  • Daily Arithmetic - use Fluent in Five attached below.
  • Daily Reasoning - use Rapid Reasoning attached below.
  • White Rose - Problem of the Day and to also use their Home Learning packs. 
  • Topmarks website - daily 10 and hit the button.
  • CGP Books 
  • Past SAT papers -



Below is a website that has lots of videos for support with Maths and some extra activities.



Below is a link to a brilliant website which will help to keep you busy with some writing tasks. They upload a new picture everyday with a variety of tasks to go alongside this picture. The previous pictures are also available if you prefer those. When we return to school, it would be lovely to see what pictures ans asks you have done.



Suggested tasks:

  • Encourage your child to practice the Year 5/6 spellings –these can be found in your school diary, there is also an attached copy at the bottom of the page.
  • Encourage your child to choose 5 of these, that they don’t know the meaning of and find the meaning of it, a synonym, antonym and an example of how to use the word in a sentence.
  • Practice spellings on Spelling Frame -
  • Use CGP books



Below is a link to a brilliant website where they have provided free resources all to do with Science which:

  • Inspire & evoke questioning and curiosity
  • Free
  • Help keep morale high in uncertain time


Any of these that you chose to do, make sure you write it down somewhere so that when we are back, you can tell us all about it.




Joe Wicks has  recently announced the following:

‘Starting Monday, every single day from Monday to Friday I’m going to do a live workout called PE with Joe on my Youtube Channel, TheBodyCoachTV.  ‘It’s a workout specifically designed for kids because when the schools are closed there is no PE. Don’t worry, I’ve got you – I’m going to take this over.  ‘I’m going to get your kids moving, feeling energised, positive, optimistic. So tune in Monday morning 9am and every day Monday to Friday. 


During the time that school is closed, we've attached a selection of random challenges to try and complete. Some of these will be easier than others and some will need you to be extra creative! For each challenge, you can write a quick notes explaining what you did and/or take pictures evidencing that you have completed it. We look forward to seeing how you do!