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Year 6 Otters 🦦

Lockdown learning 



What an unfortunate situation we find ourselves in, below is an outline of our expectations for home learning. We know this is not the situation you signed up for but all of the work that we set should be able to be completed by the child independently, we will be using Teams far more this time around so if they need any help, we will be there.



You need to make sure that your child is logged into Teams because we will be registering them every morning on Teams, if they do not know their login please email us at: and we will send you the login. 

Your child will need to be logged into Teams at 8:45AM ready to join the scheduled call, this will happen every day at the same time. They will also need to join for the start of each of their lessons outlined below in the timetable, this will allow us to explain to the children each of their activities and for us to be on hand if they need any help. We are hoping this will allow them to be more independent and not rely on you as much! This will also help with the continuity of learning.


Like we have said, we know this is not the situation any of us asked for but at least it is not for long and we are all keeping safe.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us.





Week 8 - 1st March 


Hi Otters, 

Wow only one week left! You've done so well with all of this & you have worked so hard throughout it all. The work you've produced has been fantastic but also the resillience you've shown is really something to be proud of. 

You just have one very nice week to get through first before we are reunited, all of your work is below for the week. You've got World Book Day this week which we are really excited about & then Friday is your wellbeing day which you have really earnt. 

I will see you on Teams on Monday & Thursday at 9am. 

I can't wait for us to be reunited, we are going to have a brilliant rest of the year. 

Have a great week, we can't wait to see your World Book Day bake off creations! 

Keep working hard! 

Miss Louden smileyx


Week 7 - 22nd February


Hi Otters, 

Welcome back!! I hope you had a brilliant half term and are well rested, you really earnt and deserved that break! 

I hope you managed to get up to some things that you enjoy, I've been baking and painting my stairs but also lots of dog walks with Alfie, he got a little bit tired on his walk the other day and had a sit down on the bench! Here he is:


I look forward to seeing you all on teams Monday (today) at 9am so I can hear about your half terms and tell you the exciting things we've got planned for this week. 

We also have a teams meeting on Thursday at 9am, I'm excited for that one as I've got exciting news to share with you!

You have worked so hard so far and I have been impressed every day. I'll be on the end of your emails this week so can't wait to see what brilliant work you produce. 

Hopefully we will all be reunited soon, I am missing you all. 

Keep being your wonderful selves and keep smiling. 

Miss Louden x 

Week 6

Hi Otters, 

Only one week to go until half term and one week till you have a very well deserved rest. You have worked so hard and you should be proud of yourselves. It is such a tricky time at the moment and we are all finding some days harder than others but you are doing so well. It's okay to have a bad day and it's okay to get annoyed at this situation, you are not alone in having a bad day. I am only ever an email or a teams message away if you need to talk to me.

Don't forget to email your work in everyday to

This week we have meetings on Monday & Thursday again at 9am.

I was in school last week so wasn't lucky enough to see your work coming in however I did have a quick look through on Friday afternoon and was so impressed, some of your stories are fantastic!! You are really doing yourselves and me proud. I will go through and put the stories into this weeks completed work folder so that everyone can see each others. 


I am so proud of you. I miss seeing you all every day and can't wait till we are able to see each other again hopefully soon until then keep working hard, keep smiling and keep being amazing. Can't wait to see what brilliant work you produce this week!

Miss Louden smileyx





Week 5

Hi Otters,

Another week down, can you believe it is February?! It is also nearly half term and you'll of earnt a very well deserved break! 

It was brilliant to see so many of you on Teams on Thursday, it really made my day to see you all smiling. We will now have a meeting every Monday and Thursday. 

Monday meeting time - 9am

Thursday meeting time - 9:20am

I look forward to seeing you all already smiley


You are still working incredibly hard and I am very proud of you, I hope you are proud of yourselves. This week, it is Children's Mental Health week & there is a folder below that will tell you more about it & give you some ideas on what to do but the theme is 'Express Yourself'. It is so important to look after your mental health particularly in this time so I want you to spend some time this week doing something different, doing something you enjoy, taking time away from a screen.  There are some ideas below, I will be asking you on Thursday what you've done! 


It is so important to look after yourself whichever way you choose to do it. Enjoy the work this week, I can't wait to see how you get on with it all. 

I can't wait for us all to be reunited but until then, keep smiling and being brilliant. 

Miss Louden smiley

Week 4


Hi Otters,

It has been great to see your emails coming in this week and all the brilliant work you’ve been doing. I am so impressed with it all, you are all working hard and should be proud of yourselves.

In the folder of completed work is all the work I’ve been sent last week so if you want to see what your friends have been up to then go and have a look. The work that you have produced this week is really something to be proud of.

Remember, I am only ever an email away if you need help with anything. Remember to send your work in daily so that we are able to respond and give you feedback.

 You have done such a good job so far so just keep going. You’ve got this!

Fingers crossed we are soon reunited.

Miss Louden 😊 x

Week 3

Hi Team Otters, 

Another week down and another week that I've missed seeing your smiley faces. Again, you have impressed me with the work you've sent in, keep it up. I had a lovely week in school with some of you hence why it wasn't me responding to emails but I will be back at the end of the emails this week so I look forward to seeing what you do. Make sure you look in the completed work folder as you can see what your friends have been getting up to. 

I loved seeing some of you on Teams on Thursday, make sure you get logged in if you haven't as I'm hoping to do a Friday quiz this week, you know how much I love a quiz! 

Don't forget to keep sending your work in daily:


It is also incredibly important for you to continue to keep up with your reading, you are usually so brilliant with this! 

Virtual School Library | Oak Academy (

If you follow the link to the virtual school library, it is Jacqueline Wilson this week smiley

Keep safe, keep wowing me and keep being as wonderful as you are. 


I look forward to seeing what you get up to this week, 

Miss Louden smiley x

Week 2


Hi Otters, 

 I just want to tell you how PROUD I am of you, you've been brilliant so far this week so please keep it up. It is incredibly important that you keep going with this, do not forget we need to see the work you complete daily so that we can mark it and give you feedback. I am still getting you all set up with Teams, if you are awaiting your login for it or haven't tried to log in, then please do so this week. Just a reminder that the SPAG test is due in on Wednesday 13th January. Well done to those of you who have also done Prodigy, keep it up.  At the bottom of the page is an extra folder that has lots of websites that may help you if you need any extra bits of work. 


Just as an extra note, for those of you struggling to send your work in, there is a way to scan it in from your iPhone. I know this works for iPhones but I am not sure about other phones. If you open up your Notes app and open a new notes page. Select the camera symbol from the tool bar along the bottom and then select scan documents. This will enable you to scan any completed work. From there, select share in the top right corner and from there you can email it to us! 

Enjoy the work this week, look forward to seeing what you get up to. 

Remember, I am only ever an email or a teams message away.

Keep smiling and stay safe, 

Miss Louden :) x



Week 1 - 6th January 

Hi Year 6,

Gosh we are absolutely heartbroken after hearing the announcement on Monday night, we were so looking forward to this term with you all. Let’s hope it is only until after half term as we will all miss you too much otherwise!


Similarly to last year, your work will be uploaded onto here every week, we will give you an overview of what we expect from you each day. You all also still have your prodigy log ins so please make use of these. We will be setting a test on for you to complete, please have this completed by Wednesday 13th January, we will be emailing you and ringing if you have not done it. It is incredibly important that you keep trying with your home learning, we know it is difficult but you must keep persevering! You are all resilient so we know you can do this, we are only ever on the end of an email if you need us.


The work that you complete, please send it to us so that we are able to mark it and give you feedback. 

Please email us at: